How To Find a Great Rocking Chair

Rocking in a rocking chair is one of the most soothing and relaxing sensations for a newborn. For parents, too! Gliding back and forth gently, with your baby nestled close to you, is one of the nicest feelings you will ever experience.

It's important to choose a rocker that is very comfortable. A back that curves gently backward from side to side is important for true comfort. The flat backs that you see on many gliders just won't cut it.

(Be careful; our rocker is so comfy, we have each found ourselves slipping into a light doze while rocking a newborn!)

Choose a rocker with a high back or a high, stiff back cushion to support your head. Cushioned arms are another nice feature on some rockers. For rocker cushions, soft cottony material feels the nicest.

Glider chairs with ottomans are very popular with new parents. A gentle foot movement starts you rocking.

Traditional rocking chairs are beautiful and time-honored. Choose a hardwood rocker, such as oak or maple; soft woods will dent more easily.

As an alternative to the rockers you usually associate with nurseries, a rocking recliner is incredibly comfortable. It's your dad's favorite after-work reclining chair—with every comfort feature the designer could think of weaved right into it.

A rocking recliner has soft fabric and deep cushions. It's padded everywhere—from the footrest to the arms. The chair rocks easily. It swivels a full 360 degrees. And it fully reclines.

These chairs are very generously sized. Sometimes called the "big man's chair", they're comfy for everyone—from a small child (or two!) to the largest parent. A rocking recliner isn't just baby furniture; it will be the most comfortable chair in your living room for years to come.

Here's a really interesting site on the history of the rocking chair.

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