Glider Chair And Ottoman

A glider chair and ottoman work a little differently from a simple rocking chair. They both "float" horizontally above their bases, so the rocking motion is smooth and effortless.

Just a gentle movement of your feet on the ottoman sets you rocking. It's very relaxing. This combo will be one of your most-loved pieces of baby furniture.

Gliders have become extremely popular for nurseries in the last few years. There are many, many brands and styles available.

Choose a fabric that will complement your home decor after the nursery years are over.

Gliders with backs that curve slightly from side to side feel really nice to lie back into.

Too many rockers have flat backs, which feel all right at first. But babies love to be rocked ... and you may be sitting in this chair for extended periods. That's when you start to notice that a flat back isn't nearly so comfy.

A tall back cushion is important to support your head for maximum relaxation.

Cushioned arms are another nice feature on some gliders. They make cradling and feeding your baby in the chair even more comfortable.

For cushions, soft cottony material feels the nicest. Some glider cushions have removable cushion covers, that zip off (or "velcro off"). This is a really nice feature, because you can wash the covers periodically.

When your children are small, the very safest kind of glider to have is one with wooden side panels. Without the side panels, children can be seriously hurt if they put their hands into the sides of the chair when someone is rocking. Check out glider chair safety tips before purchasing. Choose your glider rocker carefully. We have found that with this particular piece of furniture, it's especially critical to make sure you try it out in person before choosing which one to buy.

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