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All Bellini cribs and complementary furnishings are designed to last beyond infancy. The cribs all convert to toddler beds. Changing tables become dressers or bookshelves. Bellini promotes its furniture as a smart investment, because many items can be used up through the teen years.

Bellini cribs are made in Italy, from solid Italian beechwood. All cribs include a bottom storage drawer, two drop-sides, and four mattress heights.

Most of the cribs have six finish options - natural, mahogany, bleach, white, coffee, or antique white.

All Bellini cribs are certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). This means that they meet stricter safety standards than the CPSC crib standards, which all baby cribs sold in the United States must conform to.

Bellini's complementary furniture is all made of maple, and crafted in Canada. Furnishings are available in the six crib finishes. Furniture items include changing tables, dressers, armoires, gliders, toy chests, nightstands, bookcases and desks.

Bellini promotes its changing tables as the best on the market; they include an extra-large changing area.

Bellini West Coast stores (west of the Mississippi, Michigan and Indiana) and Bellini East Coast stores (east of the Mississippi, and Arizona, for some reason) carry different lines of cribs and furniture.

There are three Bellini East Coast collections - Robyn, Jessica, and Domani. Bellini West Coast furniture lines include Royale, Dania, Elegante, and Avanti. All can be seen at the Bellini corporate website.

Where to buy Bellini ...

Bellini is the only baby furniture company in the U.S. that distributes through its own franchised retail stores. You must contact a Bellini store to buy a new Bellini crib or furniture; you cannot buy online from the corporate site, or online from any of the franchises.

Bellini stores will ship anywhere; you need not live near the store to have the furniture delivered to your home, but you will need to visit, call or e-mail a franchise in order to make a purchase.

We contacted Bellini to ask about its warranty policy. The Bellini representative told us the following: Bellini offers a one-year warranty on cribs. After the first year, if a problem develops, a Bellini serviceman will come to the customer's home. (There is a charge for this visit). If the defect is manufacturing-related, Bellini will fix the problem at its own expense. If the problem is not a manufacturing defect, Bellini will still offer to fix the problem at a cost to the customer. If you buy a Bellini crib, check with the franchise owner for specific cost information.

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