Baby Bedding For Cribs

Picking out sheets for your baby's nursery can be great fun. Bedding for cribs has turned into a huge industry of its own because new parents so enjoy decorating the nursery.

Crib sheets come in solids, patterns, and just about every cute theme you can think of. But it doesn't stop with sheets. You can usually get lots of matching bed accessories, such as quilts or comforters, crib bumpers, and bedskirts (dust ruffles which drape from the mattress down to the floor).

Often, you're even offered coordinated room décor like curtains, rugs, and wallpaper borders. Then there are the matching lampshades. Drape cloths, bookends, and diaper holders. Framed prints. We've seen coordinated shelves, crib mobiles, and even toys.

Safe Bedding For Cribs

Some of the matching "bedding" is more decorative than usable. A comforter or quilt is best used as a wall hanging when your baby is a newborn. You'll keep the baby warm in an infant sleeper, without any blankets or comforters, until your child is at least a year old.

Also for safety reasons, you keep pillows and other soft objects out of baby's crib. But little matching pillow shams could be cute as doll bedding in a little girl’s nursery.

Choosing Fabrics

I highly recommend choosing sheets made of 100% cotton for your baby's crib. Cotton is softer than synthetic fabrics, and it “breathes” better next to your baby’s skin. Plus cotton fabrics don’t get all staticky and shock-producing when you throw them in the dryer.

Cotton flannel sheets are a good choice. Lots of people use flannel sheets in the winter. I like them all year round because they're even softer than regular woven cotton sheets.

Make sure you buy two tight-fitting, flat-lying mattress pads when you're shopping for crib bedding. These fitted waterproof pads go onto the mattress under the fitted sheet, and protect the mattress during those inevitable diaper leaks. (You'll want to have two so that when you take one off to wash it, you can put another one on immediately.)

Important: Babies sleep differently than adults, and they need different bedding. The best way for a baby to sleep is on her back, dressed warmly, on top of a fitted crib sheet. An infant sleeper takes the place of a blanket. Don’t put pillows, comforters, or toys into the crib. See these safety guidelines for infant crib bedding from the CPSC.

The Fun Part: Crib Bedding Themes

Some of the most popular themes for crib bedding are listed below.

  • Patchwork crib bedding
  • Lady Bug crib bedding
  • Nautical crib bedding
  • Solid crib bedding
  • Sports crib bedding
  • John Deere crib bedding
  • Puppy crib bedding
  • Sesame Street crib bedding
  • Safari crib bedding
  • Hello Kitty crib bedding
  • Princess crib bedding
  • Care Bear crib bedding
  • Tinkerbell crib bedding
  • Dragonfly crib bedding
  • Classic Pooh crib bedding
  • Curious George crib bedding
  • Winnie The Pooh crib bedding
Just like with most baby products, looking at bedding for cribs can be a little overwhelming But it can be a lot of fun too. Enjoy this time of preparing for your little one!

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