About Us … And Why We Built This Site

When my husband and I were expecting our first child twelve years ago, we lived near a big retailer called “Baby Superstore”. I remember the first day we went there to get a few cute little newborn sleepers, and check things out.

We felt kind of overwhelmed when we encountered the huge variety of baby products. There seemed to be countless categories of products, each with countless variations and choices. Our heads were spinning!

I still remember wandering the aisles of Baby Superstore, pregnant, astonished at the huge selection of stuff available. It all looked useful. But we were on a budget. What did we really need to do to get ready?

I sat down in a rocking chair, one of about fifty they had sitting out in rows on the floor. I was feeling tired … you know how it is when you’re in that last trimester of pregnancy ... and a little discombobulated.

My husband starting sitting in rockers and rocking a little bit in each one, going down the row. Then the row behind it. We knew we wanted a rocking chair, and he was taking the opportunity to try to figure out which of the fifty was most comfortable.

I watched him and got the giggles. I got up and started doing the same thing. We were grinning at each other, laughing at the absurdity of the situation.

Somewhere in the middle of this exercise, I got tired again. I leaned back in a chair … and had a sudden insight. All the rockers, every single one of them, had flat or almost flat backs … except one.

That one had a deeply curved, high back. When you were sitting in it, you could turn your head and lean your cheek easily on the cushion and really relax (without falling over sideways). It was the only rocker of the fifty that you could sleep in.

Well, we bought that rocker (miraculously, it was 50% off!) and we still use it today. Of course we learned a lot more about baby products during our son’s babyhood … and our daughter's babyhood … and our next son's babyhood … and our next daughter's babyhood ...

Now we know exactly what we need when we get ready for a new arrival.

I built this website for fun, for a challenge, and to help other new parents. Also because I quit my job to care for my baby, and I needed a way to make money from home. If you're interested, you can read more about how I built this site.

That’s the scoop on us. I hope you find valuable information here at Baby Furniture Guides. Have fun getting ready for your baby!