Baby Furniture Manufacturers

There are many baby furniture manufacturers producing nursery furnishings today. Furniture makers often target certain segments of the market; as a result, their products vary in terms of quality, price, safety standards, warranties, distribution method, and customer service.

Some manufacturers make affordability a top priority; some focus more on style or service.

Some distribute through small specialty retailers. Some sell through large national chains. Bellini sells furniture only through its own franchised stores.

Warranty policies vary widely, from a one-year warranty, to a limited lifetime warranty, to no written warranty at all.

Many, but not all, of these manufacturers participate in the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification program. They submit their products to testing and obtain the JPMA seal, certifying that each item meets or exceeds voluntary industry safety standards. These standards are stricter and safer than the mandatory safety standards issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), to which all baby furniture sold in the United States must conform by law. The JPMA website keeps an updated list of baby furniture manufacturers with JPMA-certified products .

Following is a partial list of major baby furniture manufacturers. Click on the name of the manufacturer for more info, and to access its website for detailed information about product lines, customer service, warranties, contact information, where to find its furniture, etc.

Alta Baby Furniture - Sold in small specialty stores. Crib warranty "25 years or 5 children". Cribs are JPMA-certified. All cribs are beechwood and have a storage drawer. Made in Italy, stocked in New Jersey.

Angel Line Baby Furniture - Sold through small specialty stores. Cribs not certified by JPMA. New Jersey company sells hardwood cribs and furniture. Product line includes a round crib.

Baby's Dream Furniture - Sold in specialty stores. Emphasizes customer service. Limited Lifetime Warranty, serviced through certified retailers. Cribs are JPMA-certified. Many items are convertible. Four nursery collections, including Generation Next.

Bellini Cribs & Furniture - Sells through BELLINI franchises. Cribs are JPMA-certified, made of beechwood. All cribs are convertible; all changing tables become bookcases or dressers. One-year warranty with extended coverage for manufacturing defects.

Berg Baby Furniture - Sold in specialty retail stores. According to JPMA, cribs are not certified. Cribs are made of pine. Family-owned New Jersey company. Berg states its goal is to create flexible, moderately priced furniture.

Bonavita Cribs & Furniture - Sold in specialty stores. One-year limited warranty. Not in JPMA certification program. Lifestyle crib has "easy conversion" system and no dropside. Emphasizes simplicity and attention to detail.

Childcraft Baby Furniture - Sold through large chains and small specialty stores. Cribs JPMA-certified. Crib hardware warranty "15 years or 3 children". Largest U.S. child and baby furniture manufacturer. Closely-held family business. Emphasizes quality.

Cosco Baby Furniture - Sold through large retailers & catalogs. One-year warranty; some products have extended warranties. Some or all cribs JPMA-certified. Markets convenience and value. Troubling 2001 USA Today article.

Da Vinci Baby Furniture (Made by Million Dollar Baby) - Sold in specialty stores. One-year warranty. Cribs are JPMA-certified; most are made of hardwoods. This baby furniture manufacturer aims to price competitively. Online factory outlet store at corporate site.

Delta Baby Furniture - Inexpensive products sold through large retailers like Babies-R-Us, Target and Sears. One-year warranty. Cribs are JPMA-certified. Cribs have patented no-tools assembly. Plastic hardware in some cribs.

Legacy Cribs & Furniture (Made by Childcraft Industries) - Sold through small specialty retailers. Cribs JPMA-certified. Crib hardware warranty "15 years or 3 children". Emphasizes premium quality. Patented "Hidden Hardware System" in cribs. Crib2Queen converts 4 times up through queen-size bed. Neat "Finish Board" tool on website.

Munire Cribs & Furniture – Sold in specialty stores. Emphasizes high quality at reasonable prices. Based in New Jersey. One-year warranty. Not in JPMA certification program.

Pali Cribs & Furniture - Sold in specialty stores. Based in Italy. Family business started in 1919 with E. Pali hand-crafting chairs in his kitchen. Most cribs are convertible. Not in JPMA certification program.

Ragazzi Baby Furniture - Sold through small specialty shops; emphasizes customer service and quality. One-year manufacturing warranty; excludes finish. This baby furniture manufacturer offers an additional crib warranty for "15 years or 3 children". Not in JPMA certification program.

Simmons Baby Furniture - Sold through Babies-R-US, Baby Depot and small stores. Cribs are JPMA-certified. No written warranty; company states it will replace/repair for factory defects. Century-old company with many products.

Simplicity Baby Furniture - Sold through Wal-Mart, and other stores. Competes on low prices. Cribs are JPMA-certified. Several recalls of cribs since 2005.

Sorelle Baby Furniture - Sold in specialty stores. Based in Italy. Company aims for affordable pricing. Not in JPMA certification program. Division of C & T International.

Storkcraft Baby Furniture - Sold through large chains like Babies 'R Us, Sears and Wal-Mart. Cribs are JPMA-certified. One-year warranty. Canadian company emphasizes quality, safety and innovation.

This list covers most of the major baby furniture manufacturers. Check out the various company websites for more information. All the sites include dealer locators to help you find local retailers.

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