Munire Cribs and Furniture

Munire cribs are made by Muniré Furniture, Inc., which is based in Clifton, New Jersey. Munire makes cribs, beds, and many complementary items such as dressers, changing tables, desks, chests, hutches and mirrors.

Most of the cribs and furniture are crafted of solid hardwood, and have some detailing and high-quality touches which are usually only found on more higher-priced lines of furniture.

Because of the real wood construction and quality touches (like very smooth-sliding drawers), Munire has quickly developed a rep for delivering good quality at prices significantly lower than you would usually pay for similar-quality furniture.

Munire only recently started selling furniture under its own brand. The company had been manufacturing for over 15 years, for other children’s furniture companies.

Munire Lifetime cribs convert into full-size beds. Some convert into a toddler bed first. Munire’s 4-in-1 models convert from a crib into a toddler bed, then a daybed, and finally a full-size bed.

A Munire changing table will convert into a dresser and bedside table when the baby has outgrown the need for a changing table. (You remove the top section of the changing table, leaving a flat dresser … and the top section becomes a bedside table.)

Most of the furniture is made in New Jersey, with some manufacturing in Italy and Indonesia. All Munire furniture carries a one-year warranty on any manufacturing defects (assuming normal use).

Munire Furniture was the Top Pick for Juvenile Furniture & Best Quality Cribs in the book "Baby Bargains 2005".

However, some complaints have surfaced during Munire Furniture’s recent rapid growth.

For instance, Majestic is the lowest-priced collection of Munire furniture. Munire recently had production problems with the Majestic line, resulting in complaints from consumers and retailers that the quality of the pieces was well below the standards they had come to expect.

Munire has since moved its production line to a different plant, and claims to have addressed all the problems.

Munire is reported to have good customer service; however, Munire did not respond to our attempts to contact them regarding company history and JPMA certification of cribs.

Munire also sells cribs and furniture under the brand name Canalli . This brand is currently available in specialty stores in several northeastern states, as well as Illinois, Michigan and Florida. Canalli is recruiting dealers to expand the brand’s presence nationwide.

If you lose pieces of hardware from a Munire crib, Munire will send you replacement parts. Contact them through their website . Let them know which parts you need, which crib model you own, and your complete mailing address. You should receive the replacement parts within three weeks.

The company mailing address is: Munire Furniture, Inc. / 55 Webro Road / Clifton, New Jersey / 07012

Where to Buy Munire …

Munire cribs and furniture are sold through small specialty shops in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico. To find the stores nearest you, use the online Munire cribs store locator.

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