Pali Cribs & Furniture

Pali cribs are made by a family business, which is currently in its fourth generation.

Ermenegildo Pali began the work in 1919, making chairs by hand in the kitchen of his home in Italy. He eventually expanded his workspace into his backyard shed, then into buildings in his garden, then onto neighboring land ...

The furniture business continues to grow. Today, Pali makes baby cribs and all sorts of complementary nursery and bedroom furniture.

Pali baby cribs have a reputation for beauty and detailed craftmanship. (Consumer reviews available at affirm that parents have found Pali baby cribs to be of high quality.)

Pali also emphasizes practicality by:

  • making many of its cribs convertible (into beds for older children or even adults)

  • designing its complementary furniture to suit children as well as infants

  • trying to make assembly as easy as possible.
Pali baby cribs feature a dropside with no exposed hardware, which can be operated with just one hand. (Important when you're holding a baby in the other arm.)

Many of the cribs incorporate a storage drawer with a center divider.

Most of Pali's cribs have three positions for the mattress supports. You have the mattress in the highest position for a newborn, to make it easy to lift your baby in and out of the crib. You lower the mattress as baby grows and begins pulling up and standing.

Pali's crib mattresses are known for their high quality. Some parents who can't spring for a Pali baby crib will buy a Pali mattress for another crib, because they are widely regarded as outstanding mattresses.

The company's matching furniture sets include dressers, chests, desks, armoires, mirrors, nightstands, etc.

All products used to make Pali cribs are non-toxic, as are all the stains and lacquers used. Pali does not participate in the JPMA certification program for baby cribs.

Pali furniture is well-known and very widely available in Europe. You can find Pali at small specialty retailers in the United States.

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