Traditional Rocking Chair - Charm and Warmth

For hundreds of years, parents have enjoyed traditional rocking chairs while raising their babies … and throughout their lives.

A traditional rocker has simple, beautiful lines, and gives that nice solid feeling of home.

The most comfortable models have a high back which supports your head, and that curves from side to side.

A well-constructed rocker will move noiselessly, and all surfaces will be smooth. The back of the chair should lean slightly backward for comfort.

When choosing a rocker as part of your baby furniture, select a hardwood chair, like oak or maple, rather than one made of a soft wood, which will dent more easily. A well-made rocking chair will become a family heirloom.

When rocking your baby, be sure that any small children playing in the room don't place hands or feet under the rocking chair.

When your toddler is old enough to rock in the chair herself, make sure that she doesn't rock so hard she tips the chair over. (This is hard to do, but it's possible!)

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