Theme Your Nursery
With A Baby Furniture Set

For a consistent, pulled-together look to your baby's room, you can consider a baby furniture set.

Several pieces crafted of the same materials, with similar styling, can give your nursery a well-designed and finished feel.

Matching pieces include a crib, a changing table, and sometimes a dresser, toy box , or rocking chair.

Some sets are designed with fun themes or colorful, eye-catching pictures.

Furniture That Grows With Your Child ...

Some manufacturers have come out with thoughtfully designed furniture sets which can be used throughout childhood and even into adulthood.

Convertible cribs convert into toddler beds and then into twin, double or even queen beds. Changing tables can convert into dressers or bookshelves, and some baby armoires are even designed for future use as as entertainment centers.

If you're investing in a whole new furniture set for your baby's room, it can be very worthwhile to select some of this specially designed furniture.

Matching Finishes ...

If you already have a piece or two of nursery furniture that you'd like to match, the Legacy Baby Furniture website offers a neat tool called a Finish Board. You can look at samples of 22 available finishes, to choose one which one matches your nursery decor. When you click on a finish, it will show you exactly which nursery sets and individual pieces of furniture are available with that finish.

There are endless options in baby furniture sets. Choices range from custom-made, one-of-a-kind ensembles to simple, traditional, affordable sets.

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