Convertible Cribs
Beds That Grow With Your Child

Convertible cribs are a great innovation in baby furniture. They offer several advantages over stand-alone baby cribs.

With a convertible model, you begin with a baby crib for your infant. This will be used through babyhood (about two years).

When she's ready for the next step, this versatile furniture converts into a toddler bed . The toddler bed uses the same crib mattress; you can even continue to use your crib bedding.

Some models will convert yet again when your child outgrows the toddler bed. You change the assembly, and your child has a daybed (same size as the toddler bed) - or a twin bed (where the ends of the crib serve as headboard and footboard - or even a double bed (where the sides of the crib become the headboard and footboard).

At least one manufacturer, Childcraft, makes a convertible which changes into a queen-size bed. (It can also convert into a toddler bed, a twin and a double bed.) The model is called Crib2Queen.

Often when you buy on of these cribs, there are "conversion rails" sold separately, which are essential when you want to turn the crib into a bed. Make sure you check on this before buying a convertible crib. It makes sense to buy these up front if you're planning to convert the crib into a bed.

The conversion and re-assembly process can be challenging on some models. Lately, several manufacturers have been improving their designs and touting "easy conversion" as a selling point.

Baby's Dream, a Georgia company, states that it was the first manufacturer to produce convertible cribs.

Convertible baby furniture of any type makes a lot of sense. You can choose a changing table with drawers, that easily changes into a standard dresser when your baby outgrows diapers. The rails can be added again if you want to use it for a new baby.

Convertible cribs can provide significant savings. This furniture is a sound investment because the same bed can be used from infancy through adulthood.

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