Baby's Toy Box
A Treasure Chest Of Fun

A toy box is a neat way to store certain toys. It's important to choose a box with modern safety features to keep your little ones safe.

Toys with several small pieces can get separated and lost in a box. For this reason, many parents prefer using shelves to keep toys organized. For all the single-piece toys, however, a box provides a much neater look.

Toy chests come in all sizes and shapes. You can choose a hand-painted, personalized bench/box, coordinated to match your other nursery furniture.

Or you can buy any one of a number of excellent quality wood chests made by the major manufacturers at affordable prices.

Whichever way you go, if you buy a toy box, make sure it incorporates the following safety features:

  • A lid that remains in the open position until you deliberately close it.

  • A slow-close hinge; this forces the lid to go slowly when closing, keeping it from slamming down on little fingers(also known as a floating lid)

  • A finger space in front (the closed lid does not touch the front wall of the chest)

  • The box must not lock, so that a child can not possibly get trapped inside

  • the box must not be airtight

  • the box must not have a heavy lid

  • all corners should be rounded, not sharp.

Choose a model that meets or exceeds all standards for toy chests promulgated by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). Toy chests that meets these voluntary standards will generally use it as a selling point.

For moving a full toy box, it's important that the box have either side handles or sturdy wheels. (Wheels are easier on the back!)

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