Twin Cribs

Expecting two? Today there are excellent baby cribs available which are specifically designed for use as twin cribs. Also check out our page on All Special Cribs For Twins ... The Complete Rundown .

Corner beds for twins:

Many parents have their twin babies sleep together at first. Babies prefer sleeping with a companion, and twins are accustomed to each other's presence.

Later on, after infancy, twins may not be as comfortable sleeping together in a standard crib. Some older babies move around while sleeping (which may or may not disturb the other twin's sleep; it just depends on the babies). And two toddlers in a standard crib are likely to have too little room.

Corner cribs are an outstanding choice for twins, because they save space. The compact design doesn't overwhelm the room, but brings a feeling of proportion and balance. Even for just one baby, these cribs are the best furniture for small nurseries. Distinctive corner beds contribute beauty and warmth to the room.

Some parents of twins choose to put one crib in each of two corners of the nursery. Baby Trilogy has specially designed corner models which can also be placed side-by-side on one wall, making a charming effect with a complete semicircle of spindles. TWINS Magazine named this crib one of its preferred products.

Corner cribs are attractive and elegant. You're always at "the front" of the crib, no matter where you stand in relation to it. If placed in a corner, two of the three sides are nestled against walls, giving the feeling of a snuggly nest for your baby.

If you choose this type of crib, you'll need crib bedding that's specially made for it, to fit the shape of the mattress. Since these cribs are unusual, they aren't carried in many stores, either online or in your neighborhood; thus, you can't pick up corner crib bedding in every baby store. Few companies make corner crib bedding, and it's rather expensive. It pays to shop around and compare prices online.

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