Sit and Stand Stroller

The sit and stand stroller is a truly innovative concept in double strollers. This stroller type has become very popular with families that have a toddler and are expecting a new baby.

The stroller is designed for an infant and an older sibling. The baby sits or reclines in the front. A toddler can stand up in back, holding on to a bar and looking forward over the baby’s head. Or he can turn around and sit on a jump seat, facing backwards.

This design has several advantages over traditional double strollers. It’s lighter and more compact, making it easier to maneuver. It folds up into a smaller space. And having the weight of the older child in back makes the stroller much easier to control.

The front seat is designed to accommodate most infant carseats, so that you can transfer a sleeping baby directly from the car to the stroller without removing him from his carrier.

A Step Up in Double Strollers

We’ve never owned a sit and stand stroller, but have admired the stand-on concept. It gets around several of the inconveniences of traditional side-by-side and in-line double strollers.

Side-by-side strollers are hard to maneuver, especially through aisles or in parking lots. Typical in-line double strollers put one kid sitting behind the other, with the child in back unable to see where he’s headed.

There’s another advantage to a sit and stand stroller. The older child steps on and off the back platform himself. Very handy for any parent who’s had to lift a toddler in and out of a stroller, while juggling an infant as well! Manufacturer’s guidelines state that a child standing in back should be at least 2½ years old, and no more than 40 inches tall or 45 pounds.

Stand-on stroller models are currently available from two manufacturers.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand stroller has got mixed reviews from parents. All agree that the concept is wonderful, and some swear by their Sit N Stands.

But some common complaints are that the stroller is very difficult to fold up, that the basket is hard to get at when two children are in the stroller, and most importantly, that the stroller is not durable (for instance, the plastic tray breaks or a wheel comes off).

Some parents complain that their older child cannot sit down comfortably on the jump seat when the infant seat is reclined. Other parents report that this is no problem for their kids and they can sit up straight. If you consider this stroller, have your toddler try it out first in a store.

The Baby Trend stroller has a steel frame and weighs 25 pounds. It has been discontinued, but is still widely available.

Joovy Caboose Stand-On Tandem

A newer model based on the same sit and stand stroller concept is the Joovy Caboose Stand-On Tandem stroller.

Early feedback from parents indicates that they are much happier overall with the Joovy. The Caboose seems to have solid construction, and Joovy reportedly has excellent customer service.

The Joovy stroller front seat accommodates most infant carseats. It has two positions – reclining for infants, and a more upright setting for babies at least six months old.

It has a couple of thoughtful little features – comfy foam handles, and harnesses with reflective stitches so it’s easier to fasten the kids in safely at night. It’s got an adjustable, removable canopy, and a cup holder in the child seat tray.

We’ve heard from some parents that getting things in and out of the large under-seat storage basket is a little tricky – this seems to be true of either model of sit and stand stroller.

Where to Find a Joovy Caboose

The Caboose is available nationwide at chain stores. While the stroller comes in three colors, the popular red Caboose is only available at Babies ‘R Us stores.

Joovy is a newer company based in Dallas. The company website states that Joovy designs its strollers “to operate and perform in ways that are logical and intuitive rather than contrary”.

You can read the full Caboose instruction manual at the website, as well as use the dealer locator to find a Joovy Caboose Stand-On Tandem stroller.

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