Nautical Crib Bedding

Nautical crib bedding is a really cute choice for a baby boy's crib. Sailing themes typically use strong colors. Often these will include red, white and/or navy trim, along with blue as the dominant color.

You've surely seen baby boys dressed in sailor suits. How this became a tradition I don't know, but it's been going on a long time. I have a portrait of my siblings and me taken almost 30 years ago, with my baby brother in a sailor suit, and he really does look irresistibly cute.

If you buy a nautical crib bedding set, it will probably come with a comforter or quilt. During the newborn period, you're not actually going to want your infant to sleep under the quilt. A tiny baby can be suffocated by covers, so instead your baby will sleep on top of a fitted sheet in an infant sleeper (which is really a wearable blanket).

So you can purchase a rod-and-brackets mount and display the nautical quilt or comforter on the wall in your baby's nursery. It will coordinate with the rest of the bedding, and set the theme for your nursery. Your child can use it while sleeping when he's older, if you want him to.

A bedding set will come with sheets matching the comforter or quilt. Your baby will only need the bottom, or fitted sheet, at first. Save the top sheet for when the baby is older and it's safe to use covers in his bed. (Do the same with any pillow shams.)

If you have a convertible crib, the sheets and comforter can be used on the toddler bed when you convert the crib.

Many crib sets will also include other matching items like bedskirts (dust ruffles) or crib bumpers (which must be very firmly attached to the sides of the crib, if you're going to use them).

There may be even more nursery theme items specifically designed to go with your nautical crib bedding. Often you'll find wallpaper borders, rugs, curtains and lampshades. Some bedding sets take it even further, and you can buy matching prints, furniture, bookends, nightlights, lamps, toys, mobiles and so forth.

An essential component to crib bedding is a couple of fitted waterproof mattress pads. Choose pads that lie flat and tight across the crib mattress. Newborn diapers leak quite a bit, and these covers will keep the mattress dry at night. Make sure you get two pads so that you can deply the second one while you're washing a damp pad.

Choose all-cotton sheets for your baby bedding. Synthetic fabrics do not breathe as well as cotton, and cotton is much softer on your baby's sensitive skin. Cotton does well in the clothes dryer too – your sheets won't come out all staticky and crackly.

Important: Check out the CPSC safety guidelines for infant crib bedding. Babies sleep very differently than adults do, so they need different bedding. You baby should sleep on his back, on top of a fitted sheet in his crib. He should wear an infant sleeper rather than using covers of any kind, since covers are not safe for newborns. Don't put comforters, pillows, or toys into the crib with your baby.

Have a lot of fun decorating your nursery – with nautical crib bedding, or whatever theme you decide upon!

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