Hello Kitty Crib Bedding

There's something about Hello Kitty that people find irresistibly cute. Hello Kitty crib bedding is only the latest in a long line of items featuring the little cat that have become popular over the last 30 years.

I remember back in the 1970s when my aunt sent me a bunch of Hello Kitty stationery. (She was always sending me nice gifts of stationery.) I thought the cat was okay, but my little sister fell in love with Hello Kitty. She traded me some other stationery she'd been sent, and that was the only time I ever saw her write letters.

That was right at the beginning of Hello Kitty. A Japanese toy company saw the potential of this adorable white kitten and started putting her on toys, paper, clothing, accessories … eventually anything a little girl might want or need seemed to be available with Hello Kitty on it.

Hello Kitty got a boost in the 80s when she became a "goodwill ambassador" or somesuch for UNICEF. Not too sure how that works, except that I think provided funds for the charity and the charity also features Hello Kitty as a way of getting people's attention for a worthy cause.

So, if you think this cat is adorable, you can get a Hello Kitty crib bedding set for your nursery.

The biggest item will likely be a Hello Kitty comforter or quilt. You should get a rod-and-brackets set to display this quilt on the wall. It can set the theme for the rest of the nursery. (You won't put a comforter into the baby's crib. A newborn baby does not sleep with soft fluffy covers because it's a suffocation hazard.)

Another item which might be included in your crib bedding set is a set of pillow shams. Once again, this part of a baby bedding set is purely decorative at first. Babies do not sleep with pillows. Until your baby is old enough to use them, you can use the pillow shams as doll bedding in a little girl's room.

So what parts of the bedding set can you actually use in the baby's crib? Well, you can use the crib bumpers, if they're securely attached. You can use the dust ruffle or bedskirt.

And the quilt will come with coordinating sheets. The fitted sheet can be used right away in the crib for your newborn.

If you have a convertible crib, the same sheets will fit when you convert the crib into a toddler bed. And at that point your toddler can also use the quilt and pillow shams, if desired.

I highly recommend purchasing two fitted mattress pads for your crib mattress. (Newborn diapers leak a lot, even the best-fitting ones.) You will want two pads so that you can replace the mattress cover immediately while washing a wet pad. Make sure your mattress cover is tight-fitting and flat across the top of the mattress.

It's best to pick out all-cotton sheets for your crib bedding. Cotton breathes well and is very soft on your baby's sensitive skin. It's also drier-friendly (so it won't come out of the clothes drier all staticky and shocky like some synthetic fabrics).

You'll find other nursery decorating items specifically designed to go with Hello Kitty crib bedding. You will probably see Hello Kitty curtains, wallpaper borders, rugs and lampshades. But you may find even more Hello Kitty products you can use in your nursery –tablecloths, prints, furniture, lamps, bookends, nightlights, toys, crib mobiles, etc.

Important: Babies' bedding is very different from adults'. The best way for a baby to sleep is on her back, dressed appropriately for the temperature of the room, on top of a fitted crib sheet. Use an infant sleeper instead of a blanket in the winter. Don’t put pillows, comforters, soft objects or toys into the crib. See these CPSC safety guidelines for infant crib bedding .

Have fun creating your nursery – with Hello Kitty crib bedding, or whatever theme you end up choosing!

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