Evenflo Crib

There is no Evenflo crib for sale new anymore.

While you sometimes see these for sale used, the CPSC issued a large recall in 2003 on Evenflo portable wooden cribs. These portable cribs were sold between 1991 and 2002 under the brand names Evenflo and Gerry.

If you have one of these cribs, don’t use it unless you have already called Evenflo and obtained an upgrade kit, which provides more support for the mattress platform. (There were several incidents where the mattress platform fell onto the floor while a baby was in the Evenflo crib.)

A portable crib is not a substitute for a full-sized crib. Full-sized cribs are required to meet stringent federal safety standards.

A portable crib is best treated as you would a playpen. It’s okay to put your baby into it, but only under supervision. Do not leave your baby alone, even while she’s sleeping, in a playpen or portable crib.

Evenflo does make a “BabySuite Classic”. This is a playard (playpen) with a bassinet built into the top. The bassinet can only be used until the baby is either 15 pounds, or starting to try to push up onto her hands and knees.

The playpen part of the BabySuite Classic can be used until the baby approaches 30 pounds or 35 inches tall, or until he starts figuring out how to climb out of the playpen.

(Watch for this, and stop using the playpen before it actually happens. My son climbed out of his playard before he reached the height limit. Luckily, he was not seriously injured.)

Before using any playpen, check the mesh side to make sure there are no holes in it (and be sure that the holes in the mesh are even smaller than a baby’s finger). Make sure that the rails and padding are in good condition. And always check the top rails to make sure that they are securely locked in place.

It’s not safe to use hanging toys in a playpen. The cords may be a strangling hazard, or they may look like an enticing way to climb out of the playpen. Also, don’t put hard toys into the playpen, or large toys which the baby could use as steps to climb closer to the top.

Remember, if you want to use an old Evenflo crib, be absolutely sure that you have the safety upgrade kit, and that it is installed correctly. And never leave your baby alone in any portable crib.

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