The Best Baby Changing Table

It's our considered opinion that a flip-top baby changing table (which will also serve as a dresser) is the safest and best type of changing table.

It's the only kind that provides a changing surface large enough to safely change a toddler or an older baby who is adept at rolling.

The standard open-shelf tables, and chest-of-drawers tables, have a staging area just wide enough for the baby to lie down, so that if the baby manages to twist off of the changing pad, he can tumble to the ground.

The flip-top changing table is a sturdy dresser with a fold-out top, which provides a very large changing surface.

The baby lies front-to-back, with plenty of open table surface on either side. Even if the baby manages to roll, she does not reach the edge of the furniture, so she does not fall.

When your child has outgrown diapers, the fold-out top can be removed, and the dresser used through adulthood.

Some of the first models of this type were not constructed thoughtfully; there were concerns that a baby placed on the edge of the extended flip-top could cause the dresser to topple over. A well-designed, sturdy chest with a wide base will not allow this to happen.

Like all changing tables, these models are designed for changing a child who is lying down. For safety reasons, do not sit your child on the edge of any baby changing table .

And to prevent toddlers bumping their heads, always keep a flip-top closed when you are not actually changing the baby.

Features to look for in a baby changing table ...

  • Sturdiness and stability

  • At least one very large drawer

  • Drawers that move smoothly and easily

  • Drawer-stop features built into the drawers, so they don't pull completely out of the dresser.
The best type of changing pad to use is a sturdy contoured changing pad. The sides of this pad curve upward to keep your baby in place. It's large enough to use through toddlerhood until the baby is out of diapers, and is very easy to clean. Purchase two terry-cloth covers, which work like fitted sheets on a mattress. They slip on and remove easily for machine washing and drying.

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